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New Vauxhall Adam - Personalise your own Adam

The new Vauxhall ADAM is like no other car. It’s not just the bold stance and riotous colours; with ADAM, you can specify countless cool details. We know everyone will just love creating their own ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM or ADAM SLAM.

Just in case you'd like a helping hand, our designers have put together their top 15 models – five each for ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM and ADAM SLAM - to get your creative juices flowing and put that grey matter to work.

Follow the links below to see the range of models and features, check out our ideas and create your own ADAM from scratch.
To personalise and to create your own Vauxhall Adam www.vauxhall-adam.co.uk
Have you seen Russ Morris from Free Radio road testing our Vauxhall Adam for Central Vauxhall, follow this link to watch Russ and your chance to win an Apple Ipad by entering our unique Apple for Adam competition, http://www.freeradio.co.uk/the-vauxhall-adam/