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As a Vauxhall Associate Partner you and your immediate family can save big money off the list price of a brand new Vauxhall.

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You simply need to work for or be a member of an Associate company or organisation. So, for instance, if you work for Airbus, Tesco or Scottish Power, you can save. If you're a Police Officer or Fireman, if you're in the NHS or Civil Service - you can save. There are literally hundreds of qualifying companies, big & small, so give us a call to find out if your employer or organisation is part of the scheme.

And it's not just you - your close family members can save, too!

We do all the deals that the big boys do, but without the PLC hassle, so why not see what we can do - we have two Vauxhall Customer Service Awards to back-up our claim to be a friendly, no-pressure company and we won't be beaten on price!

Buying your new Vauxhall with Vauxhall Partners couldn't be easier!

Just give us a call and we will check if your employer or organisation is one of the many eligible. Then all we need to do is obtain you a Vauxhall Partners registration number and get it verified. Then you just choose your new vehicle, choose your deal and we will apply your Partners discount to your brand new Vauxhall! As we said it couldn't be easier!

Call for a chat and we'll explain everything.

For further information, visit Vauxhall Partners or contact one of our friendly and experienced team members by phone or in person, alternatively you can use our simple to use online Enquiry form.